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Body Butter, Face Mask and Relaxing Bath Salt
A special thanks to Tammy for these great recipes!

Decadent Body Butter 
(smells like dark chocolate)
½ c. cacao butter
¼ c. coconut oil
¼ c. hemp oil
1 t. Vanilla infused oil  (this will give a sweeter smell) (optional)

In a double boiler over low heat, slowly melt cacao butter and coconut oil.  Once melted, remove from heat and let cool for 10 minutes. Next, add hemp oil and optional vanilla infused oil. Mix well and place in freezer to solidify (about 15 minutes). Keep checking it and don’t let it get hard. When ready, take a whisk and start mixing till buttery.
This butter melts easily when it comes in contact with your skin and smells divine.  It is oily at first but quickly absorbs, leaving you soft and smooth!

Fabulous Face Mask
½ avocado
1 T. cacao powder
1 T. honey
Mix everything together till creamy. Spread on face when you get in tub. Let it sit for 20-30 minutes (try not to eat it!).  When you’re all done rinse it off. (Makes enough for two masks)

Relaxing Bath salts for Lovers
2 c. Epsom salts
1 c. Coarse Sea salt
¼ t. peppermint essential oil
¼ t. Eucalyptus oil

Key:  c=cup, T=tablespoon, t=teaspoon

Recipe by Tammy Alvord

Photo by Matt Alvord