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Commercial Dehydrator
The advantages to switching to a commerical dehydrator.

In 2004, Foods Alive ordered a stainless steel commercial dehydrator that has enabled us to dry enough crackers to make 1000 bags a day. It’s compact and compound compared to the competition and has the doors located on the side instead of at the end so you don’t have to move all of the trays. Below are some of the specs that come with this Commercial Dehydrator that tickled our fancy. If you're interested in owning one of these bad boys, then please contact us by Clicking Here or call 260-488-4497 and we would be more than happy to help you out.

Commercial Dehydrator

Commercial Dehydrator Trays

Trays Inside of Dehydrator

Tray Dryers Specifications and Options 



Thermostatically controlled

Tray configuration and material

Fully insulated

Stainless or carbon steel construction

Adjustable exhaust air outlets

Digital humidity control

Variable speed fans

Air intake filter

Gas fired, hot water heat, electric heat, etc.

Expandable unit

3 phase 240/380/480 volt 50/60 cycle

Plus much more

4 Carts

Trays: 264

Tray Size: 18 x 26

Tray Spacing: 1"

Area Sq. Fr.: 858

Max. BTU/hr: 300,000

Max. CFM: 4,000


Tray Materials Options

Solid stainless


Expanded stainless


Perforated stainless


Carbon steel


Plastic ...and more