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If you are a manufacturer looking for the highest quality organic ingredients in bulk quantities for your products, please contact us.

Foods Alive offers the highest quality organic foods in bulk for your health food needs; be it for a health food company or a beauty product manufacturing company, or for a store, restaurant or even for your own personal food storage.

Bulk Products are made to order, so this product can take up to 2-weeks to ship out. Free Shipping is NOT available for bulk orders, but a Flat Rate of $6.50 will be applied to all orders containing bulk items. Please email us for more details.

Bulk Crackers & Snackers

Can you recall the best tasting “HEALTH FOOD” you ever tasted in your life? One that’s full of flavor, has an appealing texture, tastes like a decadent gourmet treat and yet made with simple, clean and organic ingredients. I bet you can’t. Or most likely you have tried, but it’s not a healthy food, it was probably just junk food. That's where we come in with our lineup of Flax Crackers and Power Crackers in bulk packages.

Bulk Artisan Cold-Pressed Oils

Check out our bulk selection of our Artisan Cold-Pressed Oils which are crafted in small batches at a very low temperature on our own equipment, with the exception of our Hemp Oil, due to it being illegal to grow and process hemp in the United States. Why do we have the best tasting oils? Simple, we receive samples of certified organic flax, chia and black sesame seed from several farmers and press each sample into oil, then we taste each sample to find the freshest, lightest and nuttiest tasting one. This extra attention to detail allows us to maintain the superior quality you have come to expect from Foods Alive. We challenge you to find a better tasting oil!

Bulk Superfood Dressings

Check out our bulk selection of Superfood Dressings that are made in small batches and using our own superior Artisan Cold-Pressed organic flax, chia, black sesame, natural sesame and hemp oils, Unlike any other dressing, dipping sauce or finishing sauce on the market, these contain 40-50% omega rich oil so that you can get all of your essential fatty acids (EFA's) in one salad. Enjoy these on salads, rice dishes, sandwiches, wraps, pastas or use as a dipping sauce for veggies, breads and so much more.

Bulk Superfood

We source the highest quality and best tasting super foods from across the globe to bring you and your family the most mineral rich and nutrient dense foods available. Super Foods are a great source of anti-oxidants, amino acids (proteins), dietary fiber and many other hard to find essential vitamins and minerals that are necessary for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Check out our bulk sizes for more savings!