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Glass Straws, Miron Glass Bottles and Energy Design Glass Bottles, Carafes and Tumblers are all unique in what they have to offer. Glass Straws are a great way to reduce the use of plastic straws, whereas Miron Glass Bottles block the harmful UV rays that cause degradation and Energy Design Glassware's design allows it to restructure water in only three minutes.

Glass Straws

Glass drinking straws make all your favorite drinks and smoothies taste better. Plus they eliminate the worry of plastics leaching into your food, protect the environment and make the perfect gift!

Energy Glassware

The unique shape and form of the glassware generates an energizing resonance pattern that restores the water within, and improves the surrounding environment with subtle waves of harmonic resonance. Energize, revitalize, and restructure your water in 3 minutes while restoring its life-giving memory and benefits with these glass bottles, carafes and tumblers.

Miron Glass

Miron Glass from Switzerland, known as Violet Glass, is an incredible unparalleled glass used throughout the world for protection from degradation. Miron Glass is impenetrable to UVB light, preventing decomposition of organic substances, such as oils, resins and vinegar.