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Flax Crackers

  • Randelle Arena-Ash
    These are FIVE STAR CRACKERS!!!! These are the VERY BEST crackers - ever! I first sampled the Italian flax crackers on a road trip and was hooked from the first crunch. I have since ordered cases of the Italian, Mexican, BBQ, Hemp, and Maple and Cinnamon and am getting ready to order more cases. These are an absolute Godsend for someone like me who follows a low carb, gluten-free regimen. These are tasty and satisfy my desire for something crunchy - and they are good for a person as well! Foods Alive, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and so does my tummy!
  • Susan Carson
    I stumbled across these awesome crackers in a general store in McCarthy Alaska (the middle of nowhere). I thought they sounded great, so I bought one of each flavor. These are the best flax crackers ever. I love them for dipping, spreads, topping everything. As a low carb gluten free person these are a godsend and all organic so I feel so good about eating them. Thanks so much for producing such a top notch quality product. You have a customer for life :)
  • Anna
    I just wanted to let you know that the BBQ flax chips are amazing!
  • Jennifer in Florida
    I love love love these crackers. I really can't pick a favorite flavor because they are all so good! From nut butters on the original and maple cinnamon crackers to humus and re-fried beans on the onion and garlic, mexican, and italian crackers, I just can't get enough of them! Being on a gluten free diet sometimes means not getting enough fiber...these crackers are a lifesaver and keep me healthy and happy because they taste so good! If you haven't tried them you are missing out!
  • Alissa Cohen - Author & Raw Foods Chef
    Thanks so much for the flax crackers! I have to tell you that I am in love with your Mexican flax crackers! My second favorite is the onion garlic. Thank you again and I'll for sure tell people that your crackers are the best I've tasted!
  • K. Miller
    I found some bags of Foods Alive Flax Crackers to try as a non-sugar snack (I am diabetic). They tasted so good I had trouble not eating too much. Inside of 2 weeks I had run out of crackers...IN TWO WEEKS TIME! Oh yes, one other thing - fiber of course - Thank you for thinking up these crackers.
  • Nadine in Georgia
    I'm on a restricted diet, and your flax crackers are a perfect snack.
  • Healthfood Finatic! Eugene, OR
    Duuuuuuuuuuude! These crackers are the bomb!!! Healthfood is big here in Oregon and no one has healthy snacks like these. I enjoy them not being overcooked(the nutrients are actually still there!)Most products that are Organic are still over cooked or processed. I can feel the difference in the first bite. Great goin Foods Alive!
  • annabella in Los Angeles CA
    so delicious plain, but i like to use them as a vehicle for cream cheese, I also was able to use them with some of my crostini recipes. or i can just munch on them right out of the bag, until they're all gone. so yummy!! Thank you for giving me back crunchy food!
  • Jodie in South Carolina
    I love your flax crackers!
  • Dorothy in California
    I got my first package of Italian Zest @ Raw Energy in Berkeley, CA. They are RAWsome! Thanks for coming up with such a delicious, healthy and RAW snack! I look 4ward 2 trying the all!!
  • Evelyn Manigault in Monroe NY
    Dear Matt, Thank you so much for your kindness. I was so happy! May god forever bless you all and please continue the lovely work that you all are doing. Will hear from me very soon! Thanks again,
  • C. S. in Chicago IL
    purchased your Organic Golden Flax delicacies, Mexican Style, in the fall of 2004 in Wilmette, IL. I loved them! I am a diabetic so I used the flax crackers as a replacement for bread in a tuna melt sandwich. What a gourmet treat! Then I found many other delicious ways to serve them. Delicious, nutritious, and an aid to overall good health. What more can I say?
  • Marcy in Auburn PA
    Hi! I recently started ordering your flax crackers by the case as a major part of my cancer-fighting diet. I really love them, they're delicious! Many thanks for making such a tasty treat!
  • Linda G. in Crestwood IL
    I just picked up a bag of regular organic flax crackers today at Sunrise Health Food Store in Orland Park, IL. I came back to work and opened a can of Crown Prince natural smoked Oysters, hand packed in pure olive oil. WOW! WHAT A GREAT COMBINATION AND VERY SATISFYING.
  • Kristen Baryshnikov
    I eat a lot of flax, and this is a wonderful way to enjoy it. The crackers are wonderful! Great Job!
  • Laney Ingram Greensboro NC
    I discovered these wonderful crackers by reading The Perricone Weight Loss book and let me tell you they are wonderful. I have made many and have a very wonderful recipe by a very famous chef but I don't have the SECRET for making them like this company does. They have got the absolute KNOW HOW
  • Carly in CT
    I just wanted to thank Foods Alive for making such a delicious product. I just tried your Mexican Harvest Golden Flax Crackers for the first time and they are awesome! They are perfectly seasoned with just the right amount of crunch. Thanks for making such a quality product!
  • Kathy in Columbia City IN
    Family members stubborn about trying flax crackers? ...Put a couple of the Mexican Harvest crackers into a mill or just crush them any way you can, and then put the crushed crackers into taco meat. The flavors seem to blend so well that my family never knows! (Any food that has an extensive ingredients list seems to be easy for me to hide crushed Foods Alive flax crackers - especially casseroles!) Who can deny that adding flax to the diet isn't a good thing? Do it any way you can; I say! PS: The plain flax crackers can be crushed and added to cookie batters rather inconspicuously!
  • Rhonda in Canby OR
    I just bought a bag of the Mexican Harvest crackers and I am in love! 3 years now I have been on a very strict diet and haven't found anything healthy and crunchy that I could enjoy. Thank you!
  • A. Huang in Berkeley CA
    I LOVE your crackers!! My boyfriend and I agree they are unbeatable...Thanks for making such a delicious healthy snack everyone can enjoy!!
  • Lauren in Chicago
    WOW! Awesome product! Hi, I bought some flax seed chips from you guys @ Green Fest in Chicago! Wow, they were killer. I am bringing them on my 12 mile hike in the Dunes tomorrow. I already polished off half a bag! I WILL ORDER FROM YOU AGAIN. Glad I met you!
  • A. Evans in NY
    My husband and I have a very strict diet and we discovered your crackers today and they are such a pleasant surprise. Thank you so much!
  • Laura in Austin TX
    Just want to say thanks for your great crackers. I'm currently partial to mustard!

Oils & Super Dressings

  • Jeffrey Schiller - Publisher Making Scents Magazine
    Food's Alive line of dressings are so good that they turn bland food into a gourmet meal. These are the best dressings I have ever tried. Delicious!!!
  • Veronica
    I was a dyed-in-the-wool, unhealthy ranch dressing girl - and I love Mike's dressings. They are so rich tasting without the artery-clogging side effect.
  • Mark Bielski - Natural Foods Purveyors - Mill Valley CA
    This is the best Flax Oil I have ever had!!
  • Ashley Kendrick in Buies Creek NC
    I had chicken pox at 18 and used Flax Seed Oil topically to clear them up. I had tried chamomile lotion, oatmeal bathes, everything I could, but the flax seed is what cleared them up and quickly too!
  • Deanna Ballard - Co-founder My World Learning - Granite Bay CA
    What a wonderful concept, Flavored Flax Oil! A perfect complement for vegetables, baked potatoes, and salads. Mikes Special is a delicious and healthy alternative to salad dressing. A perfect food for a gluten and Dairy free diet! We are now hooked on Flax. Thank you for making such tasty treats that our children will love!
  • Susan in DeLand FL
    We were eager to try the flax oil dressings as a grown up healthier alternative for my husband and I to use on salads, sandwiches and such. Of course, we love it, but I was so surprised that my 10-year old daughter can't get enough! She's been asking every night at dinner if she can dip her veggies in Mike's Special. She actually loves veggies anyway, but I was so pleased that she likes the flax oil dressing! Thanks Mike!
  • Karen in KY
    My kids will eat anything (almost) with Mike's Special, We LOVE it!
  • Chris and Maggie
    I had the Mikes gourmet oil on a salad and oh my how awesome!!! These products are work of the gods.... Keep up the good work! Blessings
  • F.T. in New York NY
    Your product is GREAT!!! I purchased the sweet mustard flax oil and almost finished one bottle in a single week! It makes me want to eat more salads. I also put it on soba noodles. Thanks for coming to the NYC Expo!!!
  • W. Hoffman in Fremont IN
    Our 9 year old daughter has started using the Foods Alive Flax oils on her cereal, oatmeal, sandwiches and salads! Thanks for making a great tasting Flax oil!
  • Joan L. in Sacramento CA
    I thought you would like to know that Foods Alive was a great hit at our Sacramento Celiac Support Group meeting yesterday, the oil and the crackers were the first to go in our raffle! I started taking your High Lignan flax oil (I bought my own bottle at Whole Foods), and I can't believe the results I am having in just 6 days! The skin on my lower legs used to be very dry and cracked, but they are looking great. Also I do not feel as stiff when I get out of bed. I keep telling myself it's all in my head, but my skin doesn't lie. I found a recipe for cold rice salad with an oil and vinegar dressing when I try it I will let you know how I like it.