Flax Crackers (4-oz.) - Variety Pack
Flax Crackers (4-oz.) - Variety Pack
Our Price: $52.43
Sale Price: $45.43
Savings: $7.00

Not sure which flavor to get? Try our variety pack and get one of each!

Original, Onion Garlic, Mexican Harvest, Italian Zest, Maple & Cinnamon, Ginger Snap & Hemp

Chia - Variety Pack
Chia - Variety Pack
Our Price: $50.97
Sale Price: $45.87
Savings: $5.10

With this awesome Chia - Variety Pack you get a taste of what's to come in healthy eating!

Chia Seeds, Chia Protein Powder, Chia Oil

Organic Chia Seeds
Chia Seed - Organic (8 oz.)
Our Price: $9.99

One ounce of Chia seed contains as much omega-3 as 8-ounces of salmon, as much calcium as a cup of milk, as much fiber as 1/3 cup of bran, as much iron as 1/3 cup of spinach leaves, as much vitamin C as 2 oranges, and as much potassium as half a banana....