Organic Chia Seeds 25-Pounds Bulk Food Storage
Bulk Chia Seed - Organic (25 Pounds)
Our Price: $249.75

If you're looking to get a ton— well, not a ton, more like 25 pounds of Chia Seed, then look no further than our Bulk Food Storage Bucket of Organic Chia Seed. Your Chia Seed comes sealed in a plastic bucket for long term use.

Organic Chia Seeds Raw - Warrior Size (16 oz)
Chia Seed - Organic - Warrior Size (16 oz.)
Our Price: $17.99

Treat your inner-warrior with this tiny seed! It packs a nutritional super-punch, that would even knock Goliath off his two feet!

Smoothie Boost Pack With Glass Straw
Smoothie Boost Pack With Glass Straw
Our Price: $42.96
Sale Price: $38.66
Savings: $4.30

Add a Boost to your smoothie with this combination of Foods Alive Raw Super Foods!

This Smoothie Boost Pack includes one of each of the following: Raw Hulled Hemp Seeds, Raw Maca Powder, Raw Cacao Powder & an elegant 8-inch Glass Straw.