Omega-3 Oils (4-oz.) - Variety Pack
Omega-3 Oils (4-oz.) - Variety Pack
Our Price: $32.96
Sale Price: $28.01
Savings: $4.95

Not sure which artisan oil you would like best? Try our variety pack and get one (4oz) bottle of each!

Artisan Oils: Flax Oil, Hemp Oil, Chia Oil and Black Sesame Oil

Flax Variety Pack
Flax - Variety Pack
Our Price: $44.45
Sale Price: $40.00
Savings: $4.45

With this awesome Organic Flax Variety Pack you get a taste of what's to come in healthy eating!

Original Flax Crackers, Mexican Flax Crackers, Maple & Cinnamon Flax Crackers, Garlic Paprika Superfood Dressing, Sweet Mustard Superfood Dressing

Glass Drinking Straw 4 Pack
Glass Drinking Straw (4-Pack)
Our Price: $35.96
Sale Price: $31.96
Savings: $4.00

These unique, 4-packs of our glass drinking straws are environmentally friendly and incredibly elegant.

When you use your glass straw, you reduce the number of plastic straws that end up in our landfills and avoid consuming the toxins that plastic straws can leach into your drinks.